Investigation Private Residence Uncasville Connecticut 5-1-15

So one of my lead investigators went to an interview for some disturbances at a local residence. With him was my Associate Producer Ashley.  It seems as if its a child terrorizing the family.  Ashley while during the interview had her hair pulled.  They have reported to have seen a apparition of some sort almost a shadow person we spoke of in earlier podcasts I believe Podcast #3.  I am truly excited as we have had a cold cold winter here in New England and I am itching to get out and find some good stuff.  Also re reviewed audio from a prior case from September and we found some E.V.P's that were overlooked; so remember people go over ALL your audio twice 3 times if needed.  When I did film we used to edit and upon doing so we would have fresh eyes look at what we did to make sure we were making the proper cuts and transitions. So please wish us luck this Friday and also read my next blog about we may be bringing the podcasting back.  Our Tech manager Mike could not keep going on with this for various reasons.  I have been working hard on getting the right equipment and the right people to bring them back in full force. They will never hold the quality of Mikes however your voices have been heard on Twitter asking about them.  So stay tuned!!!!  Follow us on Twitter @Arrowhead1945