Private Investigation September 12th 2015

 So we had a private residence investigation in Uncasville area here in Connecticut.  We had most of the team there including the home owners and myself and a new member.  His name was Ted and he is tech driven like myself and that alone makes my job easier.  We had a good time as usual and it ran a few hours.  The homeowner did speak to his brother who had passed away in early 2000 and he was emotional on that.  Out psychic did come into contact visually with the spirit and it was an older lady with long hair and white eyes.  This spirit did enjoy picking on the little girl who's room was her old sowing room.  After some explaining to the apparition wehave come to the conclusion that she had passed over.  The family has reported no incidents and the girl sleeps through the night.  This is a win for us and them.  My team helped a spirit pass over and helped a family rest easy.  Although in the yard there are a few rocks in a  wierd formation that reminds of of a Native American burial site.  We have an Archeology team checking it out this week, Ill further update then.  Thanks for reading!!!