Leffingwell Inn Investigation Feb 27th

So we have been quiet lately as we have been getting slammed with snow here join Connecticut. As you all may know I sit on  the Board of Directors for the Leffingwell Inn here in Norwich Connecticut.  I am in charge of their Security and other Paranormal groups that go inside,  We have had a group come forward and did one investigation and are going back in on Friday the 27th of Feb for seconds.  I have heard the audio they pulled and it is pretty good.  Before I share it I would like to get their permission.  Leffingwell will be doing an open house sometime in May for the public and Im hoping to have a Public ghost hunt this October as well.  As for the podcasts some of our crew had run into problems and we had to cease production for now.  We are working on a new podcast for horror movie reviews coming up.  We may continue the Paranormal Podcasts depending on certain things.  We do appreciate the support from Twitter and Facebook.  Please bear with us as we work though this slow slow winter months and ready ourselves for a summer of hunting ghosts.  Thanks for taking the time to read and please any questions feel free to email me though the site or Tweet us @Arrowhead1945.  Thanks for your time Chad Saunders