Rock and Shock Worcester Mass

So Jim one of my lead investigators and myself attended Rock and Shock in Worcester Mass; It was def a great time.  We marketed the group and also talked with Steve Gonsalves about the group, for those of you who don't know who that is; he is one of there lead investigators from T.A.P.S .  Also I met with a talented young photographer yesterday who was interested in helping us with our shoots.  As you all already know Wes is our photographer and talented he is however his schedule doesn't always allow him to be there with us.  I would love to get some ideas as the season slows down for ghost hunting for places to hunt.  We have an open investigation in Griswold Connecticut at a private residence soon and also working with another group for them to come to Leffingwell Inn.  We may also be doing an class on Ghost hunting and sharing evidence at the Leffingwell Inn in Norwich Connecticut soon as well.  Stay tuned and please share the blog and any questions you may have, I hope you all have a great Sunday!!!!