Leffingwell Inn Investigation

So I was recently contacted by a Paranormal group to investigate the Leffingwell inn, If we can come to terms we will let them go fourth.  The reason for this post is because once they go through we will invite the public to come meet the team and go over evidence.  Its all for a great cause the house itself is from 1675 and is creepy s ever.  I am on their Board of Directors as the Director of Security for the house and all their properties and all the money goes to the house.  if you are interested in donating we are a 501 C non profit organization which all you donate is a write off at the end of the year, we are also always looking for volunteers.  Membership is $20 dollars a year and of you look at our promotional trailer you can see one amazing orb we pulled out from our investigation.  Please contact  me if you are a Paranormal team looking to investigate the real deal and we can go over the contract details Thanks for your time Chad Saunders Arrowhead Investigations Team leader