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Private Investigation Sunday, February 24th 2019

My two teams will be heading into a private residence this Sunday. We had just finished one up last Friday in Willimantic Connecticut which we will be returning too shortly and details to come as we close the Willimantic case out. This case has a few claims of an Empath that had gone through and possibly stirred up some spirits were quiet. The homeowner claims that motors in all her appliances had gone out costing her a lot of money and the usual creepy feeling and cold spots. It seems as if the Empath wasn’t properly trained, as a group in whole we don’t judge other people’s gifts; however sometimes we need to finish what they had started. The claims are light however there is claim of an older man ninth basement that does not want the homeowner there and makes her feel uncomfortable. My team and Part of Crossing the Veil’s team will run equipment and try to make contact within the household. Snow and her Daughter Taylor will use their gifts to try to help or crossover the spirits that are inside the house. We are excited as I am more than most because it’s only a 5 minute drive for me :) Wish us luck and I will come back to post a follow-up Thanks for all the support. Remember we have our Podcast back and we will be discussing this case on Monday February 25th at 7PM LIVE. You can click on the main page on the LIVE link. Also you can go to and follow us on there and chat with us LIVE. Please follow us on Twitter @Arrowhead1945 and also on Facebook, Arrowhead Paranormal and Crossing the Veil . If you have ANY questions for us you can email me directly though the website or you can email me Stay scared people Chad