Investigating the unknown...

When you think of "Paranormal Investigations", what comes to mind?  Ghosts?  Spirits? Things that go "bump" in the night?  Perhaps.  And we study it all.  Here at Arrowhead Paranormal Investigations, we seek out life beyond our own.  It's not morbid.  In fact, we find it to be fascinating.   Do you have unexplained sounds in your home? Your business? Do you think you have seen things out of the ordinary?

 Any occurrence or disturbance,  from Pennsylvania, to Maine, we investigate all forms of the eerie, odd, and spooky.  We use current scientific methods and advanced technology to either confirm or dispel the existence of spiritual activity in your area. 

Do you have an active interest in the supernatural? perhaps you are a investigator yourself?  We invite you to check out our podcast "The Paranormal Experience" where we discuss our investigation experiences, and talk about what goes into the work we and other investigators do. We welcome feedback and further invite you become involved with our show. 

We want this site to be as interactive as possible.  So please use the contact page to reach us. We look forward to hearing from you.